Made In China Packaging Innovation Design Won The International Award

Date:Jul 01, 2017



                                                                                           Source: China Science and Technology Media Network


The World Summit of the World Mint, which is held every two years, is the world's most influential minting industry forum, known as the mint of the minting industry. This time by the Polish Mint issued "the world's new seven miracle" commemorative coins have a very high collection value, a Chinese packaging enterprises for the "new world seven miracle" release background and theme, design and production of this box, Was rated the Best Market Selection Design Award. 

This box is wrapped in artificial leather, leather on the car line, the top of the pattern is the world's new seven wonders of the wind map, the background is a 17th century hand drawing; box has a semi-circular slot to put Spherical coins, slots around the world is a new seven wonders of the background map. The whole package is simple and elegant, elegant taste, the "new world seven miracle" thick historical heritage and collection value show most vividly. One of the judges said, "the world's new seven wonders" box design is very clever, in the box into a lot of classical elements, embodies the uniqueness of the entire product has a display, collection of features, even more distinguished.

Warm congratulations! At the same time we Guangzhou Minglai Packaging Co., Ltd. will also take this as an example and strengthen the original Innovation design development and bespoke for our customers their own unique high-end gift packaging!


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