Mailing Box Knowledge

Date:Dec 03, 2018

The Mailing box, named for its shape as a plane, belongs to a branch of the carton. It is the first choice for express packaging and delivery, and is made of corrugated paper.


Aircraft boxes are generally made of corrugated paper. Generally there are three and five layers:

The three layers are divided into a type b and e type, and the material thickness is 4 mm. 3 mm. 1.5 mm.

Most of the b-type and e-type airplanes are made. The thickness of the a-type is 4 mm. When folding, the front socket is not convenient to insert. Generally, retail clothing, small accessories, and four-piece sets are mostly installed.

The five layers are divided into ab tile, be tile, ae tile, but it is suitable for the aircraft box only be tile, thickness 3-4 mm, generally used in the installation of liquid crystal display and other products with high pressure resistance requirements.

With the development of the Internet, the threshold is low, and the self-employed and small businesses in the online shop are also rising. How to avoid the wear and tear of the goods in the delivery process is a problem that must be considered, so more and more businesses will choose The aircraft box with relatively low cost and high cost performance is the first choice for shipping package. In addition, because it can print information such as the store name and address, it can improve customer awareness of the brand and increase customer stickiness.

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