Major Industries That Require Color Boxes

Date:Nov 15, 2018

Cosmetics industry: With the improvement of people's living standards, high-value-added high-end, exquisite cosmetic color packaging boxes need to increase. There are many companies in the country engaged in the production of cosmetics, with an annual growth rate of 10%-15%.


Cigarette industry: The national cigarette production is relatively large, and the growth rate is increasing every year. The increase is not large, but the quality and high-end ratio are rising. However, the packaging and printing industry and the color box industry will develop.

Pharmaceutical industry: The existing pharmaceutical companies in the country also include a considerable number of health care products manufacturers. With the increase of people's awareness of health and concern for health care, the production of pharmaceutical industry and health care products will also have a great development, while the packaging of medicines and health care products is mostly packaged in glass bottles, most of which are used in color boxes. Packaging, and most of them are high-end color boxes.

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