Make Cosmetic Packaging Orders, Promise Is The Foundation

Date:May 25, 2018

If the market economy is based on the credit economy, the supply chain is based on the promised business.

Often see this situation, the sales staff to describe the customer's original need is very urgent description, the factory overtime after production in the warehouse but piled up in the warehouse for a long time; the supply department also often left room for themselves, could have completed 8 days It takes ten days for orders to respond to sales. This is not because everyone is willing to swindle, but because of the chaotic operation, there is no basic business standard between sales and supply, and communication can only be made in the same way as market bargaining.

To make the operation of the supply chain more efficient and efficient, the supply side needs to make commitments to the demand side, and promises to do it. It must do its best to meet customer demand beyond the promise, and it will never agree. Based on promises, the supply department has become self-disciplined and passively accepted the time requirement to actively control its own operating time. Based on promises, it is possible for the seller to focus on the market and not spend his energies on fighting with the supply side.

Commitment is self-restraint. It is a request to enter the country. It is because of the fact that the general supply department is not willing to make a commitment. If promises are made, the supply department must commit itself to the level at which it can do its utmost, or the commitment loses its meaning. This is similar to Toyota's lean production approach that uses the best business performance as an operating standard. Only in this way can the supply side align with high standards and continue to improve.

If the supplier has not made a commitment, the company's supply chain is not yet a supply chain driven by market demand. The level of commitment should be to make the supply chain competitive in the market. Other brands supply chains can deliver goods within ten days, and their own supply chains must deliver goods within twelve days. It must be improved. Get closer to ten days. Therefore, the commitment made by the supplier is actually to bear the pressure of market competition. With no commitment on the supply side, it is difficult to say that this supply chain is a market-oriented supply chain.

Commitments can be divided into static commitments and dynamic commitments: Without technical support, they can only make static commitments to sales and customers. For example, an assembly takes an average of 15 days. Although it cannot dynamically change according to the order, it provides a measure of time. Standards are also a great improvement.

Dynamic commitment requires technical support. To be exact, software such as APS is required. It is necessary to consider various constraints in scheduling to make dynamic delivery commitments for customers. When the material is delayed and the equipment fails, the plan can be rescheduled and a warning will be issued to the customer.

Within the company, it is a difficult PK process to determine the commitment delivery period. Both supply and demand sides may be in a tussle. After determining the delivery commitment, the supply side's assessment index is determined, and the sales department will not falsely report the customer's demand to emergency demand. , Do not rush to produce end, the end of the production end of the assessment indicators to motivate them, the sales side just consider how to take more orders on it. In this way, the business will be smooth.

Before the company made plans to change, delivery commitments are a core, both sides saw it for a long time. The final definitive commitment delivery period is reduced from 18 days to 3 days to 15 days on the basis of normal level, and the other business department is reduced from 18 days to 11 days. The final commitment delivery period is the fastest that the manufacturing department can achieve. period. In order to achieve the goal, the manufacturing department started a mass-shortening campaign to shorten the delivery period and finally achieved the delivery goal. It can be seen that this definite delivery period has a great promotion effect on business.

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