Materials, Methods, Procedures And Precautions For Modern Packaging Design

Date:Jul 27, 2018

Topic selection. Nowadays, there are a lot of goods on the market, there are cosmetics, food, drinks, etc., and the packaging is also varied. The new packaging design form abroad has achieved great success in the Chinese market and has attracted the attention of consumers. Under the scouring of foreign packaging, the unique packaging culture in China is decreasing day by day, and it is difficult for domestic culture to occupy the Chinese packaging market in one form. Pu'er tea, which can represent Chinese tea culture, reflects Chinese culture in a simple style. It combines Chinese design ideas and ideas with Chinese characteristics to expand the packaging form of Chinese culture, thus attracting consumers' attention in the market.

Logo design. After choosing a product brand, the next step is to design a visual symbol to represent the product. Pu'er tea occupies an important position in the world's tea. Its taste is excellent and it is highly sought after in China and the world. I chose the name and thought about what kind of logo to reflect the characteristics of Pu'er tea. What kind of form can reflect the characteristics of China, and what form can attract the attention of most consumers, making them like this form of packaging. . Thinking for a long time, I found that calligraphy, ink painting, and Chinese seals can reflect Chinese characteristics, and can cater to the fragrance of tea. It can also satisfy the literati feelings that consumers must satisfy through tea.


Auxiliary graphic design and color and font design. After the box design is completed, it is the auxiliary graphic design on the box shape, the font layout design, the color matching design, which will directly affect the visual effect of the consumer's eyeball. The ancient moire and the landscape paintings in Chinese paintings are used as auxiliary images to embody a humanistic feeling. The color is mainly based on the ink effect, supplemented by the color of kraft paper, reflecting a simple and simple rural style.

Printing process. After these are completed, it is the printing process. This step is simple and simple, and it is difficult and difficult to say. The main thing is to see where there is a complete printer and the printing process.

Exhibition Design. After these are completed, it is the form of the exhibition. Use floral cloth as the lining of the exhibition, and post two posters. The posters are in the form of logos, and then packed with bamboo and kraft paper to reflect the fragrance, elegance and natural characteristics of Pu'er tea. Nature, close to the spirit of the literati.


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