Mialing Box Customization Chapter One

Date:May 10, 2019

The Mailing box is a kind of carton that merchants express and package are keen to use. The cost of the aircraft box is relatively low, wear-resistant, and cost-effective.

The hardness of the aircraft box and the hardness of the corrugated are inseparable. Corrugated is good, the printed aircraft box will be very hard; but if the paper is thin, the inside and outside paper will be easily damaged. Therefore, when customizing the aircraft box, the paper inside and outside the corrugated box should be suitable.

High-end Mailer box, inside and outside paper and corrugated with 170 grams. Hardness, wear resistance, cosmetics, brand clothing and high-end gifts, luxury goods are mostly this specification; mid-range aircraft box inside and outside the paper and corrugated with 140 grams.

Color Mailing box Underwear Clothing Packaging Box Custom Apparel Boxes Factory Direct Custom

With the development of the Internet, aircraft boxes rely on lower thresholds and lower requirements. Therefore, the self-employed and small businesses in the online shop are also rising, and how to avoid the wear and tear of the goods in the delivery process must be considered. The problem, so more and more businesses will choose a relatively low cost, cost-effective aircraft box as a shipping package preferred. 

Custom clothes packaging box / clothing shipping box

In addition, because it can print information such as the store name and address, it can improve customer awareness of the brand and increase customer stickiness.

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