Minimalism Highlights The Sense Of Quality

Date:Aug 24, 2018

In addition to protecting the product, toy packaging is an important means of promoting products and attracting consumers. Coupled with the recent environmental protection trend, it also puts new demands on toy packaging. Then, under this environmental tide, how does the toy packaging design jump out of the routine and play new meanings while satisfying the original functions?

In recent years, calls for over-packaging have become louder and louder, so minimalist packaging like MUJI has become popular. More white, less color, less text, less decoration, is the surface features of minimalism. The essence is actually: the core information is highly concise, the center of the vision is not dispersed, and the whole gives a feeling of easy and clean, so it looks high-grade and has a style. These products are packaged in solid colors, especially natural wood, with very little ink, and only highlight the key information in contrasting colors. It is conceivable that the appearance of such a "clean" face on the shelves filled with flowers and whistles is quite attractive.


This French wooden toy (Jeu de tricot Woody) comes in a minimalist package. The designer uses a large area of white color to depict the product silhouette, which can be used as a visual center for packaging to attract consumers. It also shows the usage of the product in a graphical way and achieves the effect of information transmission. At the same time, the wood-toned packaging and the product texture reflect each other, and the natural original ecology is ready to come.


Cloth plush products are also very suitable for minimalist packaging. This hand-stitched doll toy set from the American personal studio Kiriki Press is an example. The log color box, a few lines of simple white text, and the simple hollowed out window are minimal but not monotonous. The whole part of the product reveals the most attractive part of the product. The vivid color contrasts with the log box and condenses the whole. The information core and visual highlights of the package.


Minimalist packaging reflects retro feelings. Let's take a set of classic car toy sets from DINKY TOYS in the UK. The use of this set of packaging inks is relatively heavy, forming a certain sense of weight, matching the retro sense of classic car products and the company's 80-year history. Although there is no luxurious texture embodied in full-color packaging, it reveals the simple and pure sense of the times.

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