[New Products] Skin Packaging, And Paper Tray Are Also Very Good!

Date:Apr 14, 2018

Sealed Air officially announces the Darfresh® on Board, a vacuum-fitted food packaging based on a new paper tray, to further enrich the Darfresh® product line in the Asian market. The new product can significantly prolong the shelf life of food, bring about considerable sustainable development benefits, and comply with the new trend of the fresh food market gradually changing from modified atmosphere packaging to body-pack packaging. Its innovative technology can help processors improve operational efficiency. A unique look can enhance retailers' attractiveness, differentiate packaging, and bring more convenience to consumers.



For meat, poultry, fish, smoke processed meat, and cheese processors, using Rydges® Darfresh® on Board Cardboard Vacuum Body Packaging reduces production costs. The zero-waste edge technology used in this packaging scheme can reduce the top film usage by 40% compared to conventional body-fit packaging equipment, thereby reducing overall packaging material cost. Since the film is 100% utilized, it also avoids corresponding waste disposal expenses.

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For retailers, this innovative technology can extend the shelf-life of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) fresh red meat to just 20 days or longer, significantly reducing food spoilage in the supply chain. loss. Both sides of the paper pallet can be printed, providing greater space and flexibility for brand promotion and differentiated design. At the same time, since the body-fitting products can be displayed vertically on the shelves, the brand exposure efficiency is higher and it is easier to grasp the consumption. Eyeballs, which increase sales.



The sustainability of Darwin® on Board Cardboard Vacuum Skin Packaging can help retailers and processors improve the efficiency of the use of resources related to food production, reduce food waste, and meet consumers’ growing expectations for green:


1. The product's carbon footprint across the entire supply chain is reduced by 60% compared to the traditional case body packaging.


2. Compared with modified atmosphere packaging, it can save up to 80% of transportation and storage space, and reduce the associated costs. For example, the two million beef products that are packaged in a rigid tray-cage modified atmosphere require 9.3 trucks, while the trucks are shipped in a Darward® on Board cardboard body.


Gareth Raynolds, executive director of Asia market for Sealedre's Food Protection Division, said: "For manufacturers and retailers, Darwin® on Board Cardboard Vacuum Flush Packaging is an effective solution to improve profitability. Today's consumers There is much greater expectation of product appeal, convenience, food safety, and sustainability that this solution can fully meet these needs.”

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