New Trends For Packaging Design In Electric Business Environment

Date:Jun 01, 2017

Today, in the age of a large number of e-commerce products packaging full of consumer's eyeball, how to let consumers see your product in the first time?is now the problem which all brands are thinking about. Packaging is the most direct communicate channels with consumers, when products placed there, the consumers can see, what info the product want to pass, the packaging is the best carrier.

So, how to grasp the carrier of e-commerce packaging? Here mainly talk about the following:


1.    Online shopping products “special supply” positioning

Since the shopping online is already a large form of consumption behavior in the 21st century, then at the beginning stage that the manufacturer produce the products for packaging, we must consider some of the products are specifically for online shopping. Clear on the concept of online shopping products “special supply” positioning, clear on the product packaging design goals and direction.

2.    "Functional first" principle

Customers online shopping products are direct contact with the goods pictures and the relevant description of the goods, do not have to contact the packaging or from the packaging to understand the goods, so the packaging promotional features of landscaping function, display function, attract function etc are no effect. At this point, the principle of commodity packaging design is "functional first". This "function" mainly refers to the safety protection function design and as for the "promotion", "landscaping", "display" and other decorative design. The design for online shopping product packaging are all around the safety of goods, including delivery, transport, handling, storage, distribution, secondary packaging, courier delivery and other aspects of security. Customers on the online shopping can’t contact with the packaging but only see it on the moment when express delivery to their door.


3.    Identification of goods and customer information

At present almost packaging for online shopping are plastic bags, corrugated boxes, plastic foam boxes and tape paper. Some packaging are like a sick and wounded patient with wrapped by layers of tape paper, the shape like picking up from the garbage. Again, the product and customer information on the box are very vague due to handwriting and copying, coupled with almost the same size, shape and material, approximate color of the packaging bags, packaging box, even courier are difficult to identify. The customers only can know what is inside when they open the packaging in addition to the purchase of memory. So how to better identify and evaluate the goods and customer information through the design and implementation of the color, shape, markings and clear information fields on the packaging box/bags is a subject that needs to be considered and designed carefully.


4.    Recycling of packaging

Not only the customer aware of the importance of packaging safety, even the merchant are trying to do same. Especially for fragile goods, businesses to the layers packaging of goods outside the layers wrapped inside. When the customer receives the packaging from the hands of courier, always open with knives, scissors together, layers of " peeling." When the goods are removed, the discarded packaging is piled up and no value  of re-use, is simply a pile of garbage. Therefore, when we consider the safety of online products packaging, at the same time, also need to thinking about the rationality of packaging structure safety, recycling and recycling of waste and other issues. And these aspects of the problem, not only consider by businesses, also by the courier companies  who bear the transport. Especially the recycling of packaging aspect, only the courier company treat different products for different recyclable packaging design and application, the packaging of online shopping goods may be more reasonable, more standardized and more effective.


With the continuous improvement of the electric business mechanism, this new shopping model will be more people accepted, electric business packaging design will also be valued and flourish!


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