Notepad Custom Cover Design And Custom Craft

Date:Feb 21, 2019

Notepad custom cover design and custom craftsmanship. The first is the design. For the overall requirements of the cover design of the notebook, we must carry out the preliminary planning, as follows:

A. Binding: Does the design meet the Notepad intent?

B. Layout design:

a) Whether the size of the cover, inner page and picture size of the notebook is coordinated; whether the design style runs through the notebook, including whether the title page and the appendix are easy to read and write, whether it is compatible with the inner page (specifically, the line spacing between the inner pages and the line length) Relationship, neat or both sides, or only the left side is neat, etc.)

b) Does the entire inner page design fit the overall style of the notebook?

c) How is the design implementation performed (process difficulty, production cost, material suitability).

d) Whether the word arrangement of the layout is clear, suitable and suitable for the purpose (speaking words are striking).

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C. Art design:

a) Whether the cover design and the inner page design conform to the image and requirements of the entire company, and whether the position on the ridge is correct.

b) Whether the cover design and the inner page design are combined in the overall scheme (eg text, color).

c) Whether pictures (photos, illustrations, technical illustrations, decorations, etc.) are combined in the basic plan.

Notebook custom colors are generally selected according to their own business type, targeted customer age, preferences, etc.; for example, the cover is black or brown as the cover.

The choice of styles, in fact, must be selected according to the industry, most industries are more suitable for some simple, classic and generous, detailed styles.

Notepad cover logo printing design should be coordinated for the entire notepad cover.

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