Notepad Customization Details

Date:Feb 20, 2019

Customized method: divided into two parts, the customization of the envelope part and the customization of the inner page part (generally a small number of customizations are only custom-made cover parts, which can save costs and reduce budget).

Logo mode: The logo method mentioned here refers to the customization of the cover part, mainly including: branding, hot stamping, silver screen, silk screen, metal card, etc., because of its elegant style, the branding can be well integrated with the notebook. Widely adopted.

Binding method: binder binding (the inner page can be removed and replaced) and stitching. The loose-leaf notebook produced by Mingbo is mainly made of metal porous clips and plastic porous clips. The paperback book adopts the process of first-line loading and re-packing, which is more durable and durable.

Envelope material: Notepad envelope material has imitation leather, leather, wood board, etc., of which the maximum amount of imitation leather. You can choose any style you like, and then choose to make it with the specified fabric. Mingbo has thousands of fabrics to choose from, so you can choose your favorite fabric.

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Advertising page customization: advertising page customization is the customization of the inner page part. The advertising page has single printing, multiple printing, full color printing. Of course, the cost of the three forms is different, and you can choose according to your needs. Common forms include printing company introductions, enterprise products, etc., and printing corporate information on the footer and header of the writing page.

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