Package Design Concept

Date:Jul 26, 2018

There is an old saying that "people rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle", the so-called "three points by looks, seven points by dress", good food packaging such as bow and arrow can highly focus on consumers' memory points, attention and attention. In the current situation of snack foods, packaging with a certain flash point can quickly improve the appeal of products, accurately convey brand value and differentiated selling points, and ultimately stimulate consumers' motivation to purchase goods.

The packaging box has an important pulling effect on the sale of special products, especially the packaging with the "eye-catching" effect in the store terminal will make the product stand out and become the object of consumer concern. Therefore, under the influence of the limited investment, the market terminal, and the limitations of publicity and promotion, special products enterprises in small and medium-sized places need to create a packaging box design system suitable for their own characteristics, and finally in the first place to contact with consumers. - Terminal, forming a strong visual appeal and sales force.


The food packaging box is a visually integrated expression of brand concept, product characteristics, consumer psychology, shopping and buying points, which can trigger consumers' attention and directly stimulate the impulse of consumers to buy. A visually appealing package is an emotional tool that connects products to consumers. Packaging is an effective extension of the product, packaging is also inclusive with the product, to strengthen the unique appeal value of the product, so that consumers can clearly understand at a glance, in a short period of time to understand the characteristics and buying points of the product. In addition, packaging can also convey product information, promote sales, and increase product additions.


Creative and innovative food packaging can make products competitive, not only to spread, beautify, promote products, but also to encourage consumers to spend money to try. Therefore, good packaging is a packaging that promotes sales, thus generating the same appealing and influence effects as advertising. In other words, good packaging can reflect the brand image of the company, meet the psychological needs and value orientation of consumers, and can directly reflect the differences in product selling, etc., in order to stand out in the dazzling market.

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