Package Design Printing Steps Chapter One

Date:May 09, 2019

The process of packaging design is a step-by-step process of continuous improvement. The success of the design depends largely on whether the concept is accurate and whether it is perfect. The beauty of design is endless, and perfection depends on attitude.


Investigation is the process of understanding things, and design requires a purposeful and complete investigation. Background, market research, industry surveys (on brands, audiences, products...), positioning, performance techniques, ... surveys are the beginning and foundation of design (background knowledge).


The content is divided into two parts: the theme and the specific content. This is the basic material for the designer before designing.


Conception is the first step in design, and ideas are more important than anything else in design. The idea has always been independent of the design. Perhaps the most difficult thing to convey in your visual work is the idea.

Mobilizing visual elements

In the design, the basic elements are equivalent to the components of your work, and each element must have the purpose of transmitting and enhancing the transmission of information. Really good designers are often very embarrassed, and every use of an element will be considered from the overall needs. 

In a layout, the constituent elements can be divided according to categories, such as can be divided into:

Title, text, background, color, subject graphics, blank, visual center, and more. The graphic design layout is the process of organically combining different elements.

Among the font elements, the choice and matching of fonts and fonts is very particular. The process of choosing the font style is a process of aesthetic judgment, and the use of the element of color can reflect a designer's understanding and cultivation of color. 

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Color is a kind of language (information), color has emotions, can make people associate, can make people feel warm and cold, front and back, light and heavy, size and so on. Being good at mobilizing visual elements is one of the must-have skills of a designer.

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