Package Design Printing Steps Chapter Two

Date:May 09, 2019

Choice of expression

The technique is skill. It is not easy to impress the audience today in the flood of visual products. More visual works have been automatically ignored by people's eyes. How many ways can you pass your message? 

One is a complete and perfect design that uses traditional aesthetics to be read and remembered by the audience. The two are in a novel or surprising way to achieve (including in the material) three kinds of crazy advertising volume, the carpet-type forced bombing. 

And what do we need more? Although all three methods can achieve their goals, we know that their returns are different.


Balance can bring visual and psychological satisfaction. Designers should solve the balance of force field in the picture. Balance between front and back, balance is also the ability of designers to compose. Balance and imbalance are relative, whether to meet the theme requirements. 

As standard. Balance is divided into symmetric balance and asymmetric balance, including the balance of points, lines, faces, colors and spaces.


At the same time, the style is a reflection of the designer's character, preferences, experience, and self-cultivation. It is also a symbol of the matureness of the designer, thinking that "understanding Datong can only walk the edge."

Box design

Check items include: graphics, fonts, text, color, arrangement, scale, bleeding

Requirements: Visual imagination and effects should be pleasing to the eye, and more importantly, understood by the audience! We can make the product more convenient. Convenience includes simplifying the learning curve and affecting things you are already familiar with.

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