Package Material And Use Introduction

Date:May 07, 2019

The package refers to a folding carton or a micro corrugated carton made of two materials, cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard.

The material of the box can be divided into two categories: one is facial tissue, and the other is pit paper. Commonly used in packaging box papers include gray copper, single copper, white copper, ornate cards, silver cards, gold cards, platinum cards, laser cards, and the like.

"Whiteboard whiteboard" means: white copper and single copper. The common point of white copper and single copper is that both sides are white. 

The difference is: "White copper" is smooth and not smooth. Generally speaking, the front side can be printed, and the reverse side can not be printed. The "single copper" has coated surfaces on both sides, and both sides can be printed. "Gray bottom gray board", there is such paper, but it is not used on the box; "grey white board", it is called "grey copper paper", that is, the front is white, can be printed, the reverse is gray, Can't print. 

Generally, white cards are also "whiteboard whiteboard" papers, which are short for general quotation (except special white cards, such as platinum cards, silver cards).

The package is generally used as a mid-range packaging method between the inner and outer packaging. The box color box is generally made up of a number of colors, giving a strong visual sense, allowing the purchaser and the user to have a certain understanding of the overall appearance and color of the product, especially suitable for goods that cannot be unpacked before purchase. 

At present, it has been widely used in industries such as electronics, beverages, food, alcohol, medicine, tea, cigarettes, health products, cosmetics, bags, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods, etc. An indispensable industry.

The box material can be divided into: 

1) gray paper, one side white, one side gray, the price is lower, the double powder paper is white on both sides, the price is high. 

2) Determine the material of the color box according to the shape and size of the product.

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