Packaging And Printing - Box Design Steps

Date:Nov 11, 2017

The process of box design is a step-by-step process of continuous improvement. The success of the design depends largely on whether the concept is accurate or not and whether it is perfect. The beauty of design is endless, perfect depends on attitude.


1.  investigation

Surveys are the process of understanding things, and design requires purposeful and complete surveys. Background, market research, industry surveys (about branding, audiences, products ...), positioning, performance techniques, ... surveys are the starting point and background (background) of the design.


2.  content

Content is divided into two parts of the theme and the specific content, which is the designer before the design of the basic material.


3.  concept


Concept conception is the first step in design, thinking in the design is more important than everything else. The concept has always been independent of the design. Perhaps the most difficult thing to convey in your visual work is ideas.


4.  mobilize the visual elements

In the design of the basic elements of your work's components, each element must have to pass and enhance the transmission of information purposes. Really good designers tend to be "stingy", each with an element, will start from the overall needs to consider. In a layout, the constituent elements can be divided according to categories, such as can be divided into:Title, context, background, hue, body graphics, white space, vision center, and more. Graphic design layout is the organic combination of different elements of the process. For example, in the layout often used in the framework of (also known as bone), there are many forms, regular and non-regular framework framework, visible framework and hidden framework, as well as in the font elements, fonts and font choices and collocation Good or bad is a very particular about. The process of choosing a font style is an aesthetical process of judgment, as well as the use of the element of color, which reflects a designer's understanding and cultivation of color. Color is a language (information), color has feelings, can make people think, can make people feel warm, before, after, weight, size and so on. Good at mobilizing visual elements is one of the essential designer capabilities.


5. choose performance techniques

The technique is the technique. It is not easy to impress the audience in today's flood of visual products. More visual works have been automatically ignored by people's eyes. There are several ways to pass your message out? One is a complete and perfect traditional aesthetic to performance of the design, will be appreciated by the audience to read and remember. Two are novel or surprising ways to achieve (including the material) three are crazy advertising volume, carpet-style forced bombing. And what more do we need? Although all three approaches can achieve their goals, we know that their returns are different.

We have learned many kinds of graphic processing and presentation techniques in the three major compositions, such as contrast, analogy, exaggeration, symmetry, primary and secondary, light and shade, variation, repetition, contradiction, radiation, rhythm, thickness, warm and cold, area and other forms. There are also hand-drawn effects like graphics, pencils, watercolors, prints, crayons, graffiti ... and others like photography, old photos, and more. So which one do you choose? It depends on your purpose and target group, and your level of design.


6. balance

Balance can bring visual and psychological satisfaction, designers need to solve the balance of force field in the picture, before and after convergence, balance is also the ability of the designer composition, balance and unbalance is relative to whether the theme of the requirements As standard. Balance is divided into symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance, including point, line, surface, color and space balance.


7. color

Remember, you have to create visual excitement to sublimate your work.


8. style

As a designer is sometimes opposed to style, the formation of a fixed style means that the ego of the dead, but the style is also a designer's personality, preferences, experience and self-cultivation reflects the designer is also a sign of maturity, that "understanding of Datong, talent Walk alone edge. "


9. packaging design and production

Check items include: graphics, fonts, text, color, layout, ratio, bleeding ...

Requirements: Visual imagination and effects should be pleasing to the eye, but more importantly, the audience understands! We can make the product more convenient. Convenience includes simplifying the learning curve and affecting what you are already familiar with.


If you encounter any problem on designing of gift packaging box, pls can contact us freely, we GZ Minglai Packaging are glad to give a hand as much as we can^-^

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