Packaging Box Related Material Process

Date:Mar 11, 2019

Today, I will introduce some basic knowledge about printing and packaging. Here, I will talk about the related box-type material technology of the packaging box.

The first thing to look at is what kind of packaging box you are customizing. The materials used for the different materials are different. The packaging is mainly divided into the following categories:

Hardcover box: Hardcover box is also the cardboard gift box we said. This kind of gift box is divided into outer paper, cardboard, and outer paper is our printing surface. 

The type of paper used for printing is also very good. The degree determines the visual effect of the gift box, and the different color printing effects of different papers are different. Below we will introduce the main types of the outer paper:

Copper paper: The weight of copper paper on the outside of the hardcover box is 157g. The most common one is copper paper. Its advantage is that the color reproduction is very good. If you have more colors on the printed surface, it is recommended that you use copper paper.

Black cardboard: Black card is not recommended for printing. The coating of black card is not as smooth as copper paper, and the printing effect is not good. It is only suitable for bronzing, hot silver and other processes;

Soft Touch paper: Paper with suede touch, smooth and delicate, with obvious thick feeling. It is a kind of high-grade paper, suitable for high-grade hardcover boxes, and the price of touch paper is higher.

Art Paper: There are many kinds of art papers on the market at present. The weight of art paper outside the hardcover box is generally 120g. The art paper itself has various colors and textures, which are very beautiful.

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Leather paper: filling paper is paper that looks like leather, widely used in all kinds of high-end gift boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes.

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