Packaging Design Box Production Steps

Date:Jul 16, 2018

Brand planning refers to the exploration of the needs of consumers, the analysis of the competition brands and the discussion of market trends, the positioning and planning of the brand, and the process of visualization and differentiation, reaching a clear brand spirit and image. Characterization, after all, brand value occurs, and the market competition of customer products is improved. Brand planning mainly includes brand center positioning and image planning, brand system management, and route guidance and fulfillment.

The packaging integration planning business is based on the characteristics of the customer's products. Based on the product positioning and product style strategy, the company explores the cultural background related to the product, and combines the consumer's mental needs, considers the completion cost, and carries out the packaging integration planning. The main services include product line positioning, packaging planning, process material structure development, packaging manufacturing coaching, and product placement counseling. The process runs through everything from product strategy to concept planning and final product trial production and processing.

Brand communication means that the company passes the established customer brand image to the policy consumer group through advertising communication, public relations activities, promotion activities, etc., and finally makes the policy consumer group form a perception of the customer brand. Brand communication services include communication strategies, communication center concept setting, brand communication coaching fulfillment, and staged promotion activities.

The manufacturing business of the packaging box refers to the cooperation between the process development personnel, the structure researcher and the production personnel. After the customer's conceptual planning, process structure development, cost and quality control, the planner's packaging planning is transformed into a packaging product. And mass production, the planning results are converted into practical products for customers. The batch-produced packaging products can completely complete the planning and planning policy, and reach the role of planning and product integration. Packaging manufacturing is the first to touch cosmetics, electronic products, alcohol, and fast-food food packaging.


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