Packaging Design Considerations

Date:May 10, 2017

Packaging Design Considerations


Packaging--the purpose is not only used to packing the goods, but also to have the brand publicity effect, a delicate and high-grade packing box can improve enterprise's popularity, strengthen their brand utility, completes the perfect design of the packing box, it can get twice the result with half the effort in brand value.


About design a perfect artwork below are the considerations FYI:

A) Packaging design theme need be clear

The design conforms to the product characteristics, when a product box lack of theme the sales will be discounted. Packaging design should be embody inside product’s features and functions, if be different with inside it can create a feeling of cheating for customer, it will difficult to have repeat business.

B) Packaging design to seek truth from facts

The packaging design should reference to actual situation of product, a excessive luxury design can make the product flashy, but there is no support for product quality assurance, will easy let the consumer feeling being deceived.

C) Packaging design should conform to the trend

The environmental protection is the trend of fashion, environmental friendly packing box will attract consumers to understand and get their recognition, if products related to the green environmental protection, packaging can be designed into environmental regeneration packing box, In this way it not only can protect the resource recycling, but also can protected product properties.


Except above 3 main points, the packaging design also needs to consider design inspiration, packaging costs, rational or emotional consumers purchase, found life etc.


Hoping you can create a desired design artwork, if need Minglai Packaging’s help, pls don’t hesitate to contact us, we are glad to help you all the time!

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