Packaging Design Features

Date:Aug 08, 2018

With the continuous development of the times, China's economy, information, culture and other aspects are also in a period of rapid development, material and spiritual life have been improved, and the packaging design has gradually paid more attention to it. Here is a brief introduction to packaging. The characteristics of the design.

Formal style. The formal style of packaging design is composed of different trends of the times and regional cultures. It is usually related to human factors and needs to be laid out and conceived in creation. Although the style of packaging design is expressed in form, the style has profound sedimentation of social development, art culture and so on.

Cultural connotation. Packaging design has its own culture, and the uncultured packaging design is shallow and monotonous. Different countries and regions have different packaging design forms, which reflects that social factors reflect different cultural atmospheres.

Plane layout, plane layout is the core of packaging design. When the layout of the plane creates the artistic conception, we must pay attention to the performance of the national, contemporary and local design styles. It should be noted that the creation of artistic conception must grasp the human mind and analyze the different psychological characteristics of people through the pattern of human behavior.

Color layout. Color is the information content that is the easiest to enter the brain in packaging design. The color tone in packaging design is the infinite charm that comes with the concept of packaging planning. The effect of color on human vision is also reflected in physical properties such as light weight, size, warm and cold, and near and far. People have different likes and dislikes for different color expressions. This kind of psychological reaction is often caused by the association of people's life experience. Therefore, in the packaging design, the color should be changed in uniform, not monotonous, not messy, and there is a center between the colors and the center, forming a complete harmonious and comfortable visual whole.

Good packaging design is not only a perfect display of the appearance, but also a good influence on people through the packaging design to convey the cultural connotation.

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