Packaging Design Method

Date:Oct 09, 2018

Packaging design methods are diverse, often using deformation, extrusion, stacking, recombination, attachment, decoration and other specific processing methods to reflect its cultural connotation, its specific image features in the packaging style, style, graphics, color, text, material All aspects can be reflected.

The packaging design styles vary from traditional primitive folk packaging to pioneering modern creative packaging, from simple traditional packaging to gorgeous style, even luxurious packaging. Even the same white wine bottle packaging style can be designed to be bold or delicate and delicate. All kinds of packaging can have different designs of size, length, width and width, so that people can freely choose from them, which leads to the uncertainty and uncertainty of the packaging trend.


In the shape of the packaging, the traditional packaging methods and concepts have also been challenged and impacted. Only the white wine packaging, from the appearance of the appearance, has or is all-inclusive, or transparent, or half-masked, or complicated, or simple , or extensive, or narrow, or layered, or staggered ... full of strong personalization and diversity.

The color of the package (including the combination and variation of the graphics and fonts) is in parallel with the overlap of the natural soft color of low purity and the bright color of high purity. Some show the lively and interesting taste and drama through the whimsical and mutually exclusive colors. In addition, through the use of cascading, combination, transparency, texture and other design processing on the material, the color produces a light and dark orderly gradient and disorderly change, adding unlimited interest to the packaging.

On the packaging materials, there are also obvious diversity and richness characteristics, which are concentrated in the material types, morphological structure, texture texture and the combination of the materials. Some designers also creatively use deformation, hollowing out, combination and other processing techniques to enrich the appearance of the material, give the material a new image, and emphasize the aesthetic value of the material design.

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