Packaging Design Plays A Promotional Role

Date:Jan 10, 2019

Packaging design should play the role of promotion, first of all to attract the attention of consumers, because only the goods that cause consumers to pay attention to the possibility of being purchased. 

Therefore, the packaging should use a novel and unique shape, bright colors, beautiful and delicate patterns, and each characteristic material can make the packaging have a striking effect, so that consumers will have a strong interest as soon as they see it. The unique and novel shape can attract the attention of consumers.

For example, the shape of the bottle is generally cylindrical, and some bottles are designed to be complex anchors or human bodies. They are very prominent and beautiful in a group of cylinders and cuboids. 

Color beauty is the easiest to feel. Some market scholars even think that color is the first factor in determining sales. They found in the long-term market survey that some colors as the packaging of products will make the products surprisingly unsatisfactory. Gray is one of them. They believe that this is because gray is hard to make people feel, and it is naturally difficult to generate impulses to buy.

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They proposed that red, blue, white, and black are the four major sales colors, which were discovered when comparing the images of red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow, and brown. In the case of red, it has the largest number of images, and it is the image with the strongest relationship between the sun, fire, blood and life. Therefore, red is the most exciting. Blue, white, black and the sun are also closely related, and the sun is always hung above the blue sky.

When the sun goes down, the sky is dark. When the sun rises again, the sky in the east becomes white. These four colors are important colors that govern the rhythm of our daily life. The goodwill and interest, this analysis has certain rationality. The pattern works in conjunction with color.

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