Packaging Design Requires Gift Box Packaging To Integrate Human Characteristics

Date:Jul 27, 2018

Packaging design is an intuitive design

When you look for items in a store or supermarket, your eyes stay on each item for a very short time, so the box design must be intuitive and clear, which doesn't mean it must be fancy or plain. But it must be clear and clear so that customers can see at a glance.

Packaging design is a competitive design

Modern packaging design is fiercely competitive with each other. To capture more shopping malls and supermarkets and to target more customers, successful packaging design requires full and comprehensive research, not only to study competitor products, but also to research products. The display and sales methods, including product marketing methods, environmental lighting conditions, product warehousing, transportation and security.

Packaging design is a flat design

The basic skills of graphic packaging design—the use of color and pattern, the correct balance and proportion, the choice of materials and decoration, etc. will be embodied in the packaging design, but the packaging design is three-dimensional, can be applied to various Packaging, cartons, wooden boxes, and flats, so it requires other specific techniques, such as how to make patterns on the plane of the box and on curved or elastic surfaces, to understand the paper tray, paper card and Other materials to obtain good packaging design effects, etc., because most of the packaging design is used for medium-term and long-term production, the designers demand to make each design economical.

Packaging design is designed to meet customer requirements

Regardless of the design motivation, it is essential to fully understand the customer's needs. A design is often for a variety of reasons, sometimes for the introduction of a brand new product, but in most cases it is because of the replacement of the original product. And the packaging is modified. If it is a new product, what is its target market? If it is a product replacement, what advantages can be inherited in the original packaging design? If the product is redesigned, he is to develop a new market. In order to reverse the declining sales situation, what are the strengths and weaknesses in the package now designed? In short, the more fully understood the customer situation, the better the final design effect.

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