Packaging Lining

Date:Nov 28, 2018

The packaging lining is to put a lining in the box when the gift box is made. The function of the lining is to protect the packaged product from being damaged or damaging its performance due to severe vibration during transportation and circulation, and can also be improved. The aesthetics of the product. Especially for glass products, electronic equipment and other products.

The material of the lining is the same as that of the packaging box. Generally, it is mainly made of foam and sponge. Customers can choose different lining according to different products. Choosing the right lining can effectively reduce the cost and save the cost.

EVA is lined with environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly EVA, as well as anti-static EVA and fire-resistant EVA. There are also many EVA linings, such as EVA interiors, EVA trays, EVA boxes, and so on.

In terms of color, there are white, black, color, etc. White and black are the most common colors, but the colors are different, and some colors need to be specially customized. Customer EVA liners with high requirements for lining materials are the best choice.

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