Packaging Paper Bag Design

Date:Mar 26, 2019

Warm-colored wrapping paper bag design: yellow is a symbol of splendour and sunshine. This clothing paper bag is mainly yellow, with a light yellow background and a dark yellow hand-carried rope. 

It is elegant and full of positive ability. In the hands of the ash, all the positive energy is full of brains.

Cool portable paper bag design: this clothing packaging, solemn black printing, large bottom design, smooth line, thick material, striking hot stamping LOGO, strong and comfortable carrying rope, always give full trust And a sense of security. The red accent in LOGO makes it a lot of vitality in its heavy color palette.

 Luxury recycled custom printing logo shopping paper bag

Passionate clothes paper bag design: wild, strong inclusive denim blue and passionate red color together with the clothing paper bag, instantly release its unique beauty and enthusiasm, let people love crazy. Coupled with a special craft brand LOGO, let everyone remember you.

Luxury Lamination Customized Paper Gift Shopping Bag with Handles

Romantic hand-held paper bag design: pink seems to be a synonym for warm and romantic, and then apply this color to the flower, the romantic mood is interpreted to the extreme. 

This pink hand bag, pink base color, or deep or light pink petals create a warm atmosphere that makes people feel calm and sweet as first love. 

At this time, a pink color LOGO, instantly let people know that the brand is to provide us with elegant products.

Minglai Packaging can custom paper bag with your ideas. Welcome to contact us!

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