Packaging Structure Design

Date:Oct 18, 2018

A) Inner packaging carton design

1.Packaging carton shape and structural design;

2.Packaging carton appearance design;

3.Packaging carton manufacturing process design;

B) Outer packaging corrugated box design

1.Corrugated box type selection and structural design;

2.Corrugated carton exterior design;

3.Corrugated carton manufacturing process design;

C) Container design, several solutions are proposed at the same time, then determine the material and molding method of the container in the design scheme, and finally complete the container structure design and decoration design;

1.According to the specifications of the contents, determine the outer dimensions of the contents or inner packaging, and determine the approximate size and shape of the paper box.

2.According to the packaging requirements, the structural modeling concept is designed to design a reasonable box shape.

3.Select the thickness (quantitative) of the packaging board suitable for the weight and form of the product and the type of paperboard. Pay special attention to the structure of the bottom of the box and the strength of the handle for wines, cups, cakes, utensils, etc.

4.According to the design principle of the carton, retrograde patterning. Engraved, cut, pasted and folded. In the production, there should be no intention to control the dimensional error of each key part (such as internal and external dimensions, socket tongue, indentation center line position, etc.).

5.Observe the overall image of the carton and the packaging effect. If it is improperly modified. Repeat the above steps if redesigned.

6.Draw paperwork drawings and black and white drafts.

D) Inner packaging carton is formed;

F)Inner packaging carton rendering.

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