Packing Box Making Tips You Must Know

Date:Aug 03, 2018

Product gift box manufacturer, in order to let consumers notice themselves from the many goods on the shelf, the first thing that must be done is the concept of visual enhancement of the product gift box, designed to make the box The theme presented to the audience is more prominent, and at the same time fully demonstrates the information initiative of the product gift box and value. We may have heard the word "white", but most of the product box makers haven't really understood what the white space is and where the skill is.

The so-called blank, from the artistic point of view, is the art of rendering the beautiful artistic concept with the "blank" as the carrier. From the application point of view, leaving more white refers to a simple and elegant concept. The essence of the white space is to leave a corresponding blank in the box work, including the art of leaving blanks in literary works, paintings, films and dramas.

There is a common understanding between physiology and psychology, that is, people are curious because they are focused on results because of inadequate visual or auditory.

The purpose of the technology of the gift box packaging box is to "emphasize the main body and strengthen the core". This is the concept and method that should be held in the production of the gift box. In the plane composition of the product gift box packaging, the white space can be appropriately left around the important gift information such as the product gift box name and the main body logo, and the main information is used as the visual center, and the white space is used to highlight the main body, so that the main body is more prominent. If you do the opposite, there is no white space in the design and production. The whole box is full of words, pictures and other information. The main body will not stand out, and consumers will not be able to recognize it from many product gift boxes at a glance. impression. The meaning of standing out is actually what you know.

The use of white space in the graphic design of the product gift box packaging not only makes the appearance of the visual look simple and smooth, but also has a direct effect in the perception of the consumer's mind, so that the scene can bring the audience directly to the results at a glance.

Product Gift Box The real work of the box maker is not the fill of the space, but the user and the transformer of the space. Excellent packaging box production and construction, its space arrangement and division is well thought out, is carefully laid out, the space division in the works must be reasonable, combined with virtual and real, black and white contrast. Is it respect for the traditional Chinese white art, or the effective application of physiological and psychological mechanisms? Carton packaging manufacturers or designers should leave their own thinking in the production of packaging boxes, abandon the mechanism, The idea of routine curing is constantly innovating, so that it can meet the requirements of the development of the times, thus creating more and more excellent box-making works.

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