Paper Bag Rope Knowledge

Date:Nov 06, 2018

We usually use a tote bag for shopping, so have you noticed the bag rope? A small rope can bring us a lot of convenience. Nowadays, the paper bag manufacturers who make paper tote bags are particularly competitive in the market, because with the advancement of industrial technology, with the increasing number of peers, It is not a good thing to promote the progress and perfection of the industry in terms of service. How to make yourself shine in the fierce competition of the market to consumers to notice themselves, in fact, every step of the process is the most A good "confession" is also the most sincere mind.


What kind of goods does the bag rope belong to?

A:Tote rope belongs to braided rope

Tote rope hole size?

A:Generally speaking, the distance between the ropes is one-third of the width of the bag, the width of the tote bag is divided by three, and then three equal parts, so that the distance between the rope holes is equal to the distance between the rope holes.

What are the common materials for handbag ropes?

A:PP rope, cotton yarn, polyester rope, gold wire rope, polypropylene braid, woven rope, three strand rope, bundle pocket rope, eight strand rope, etc.


Do a good job in every part of the handbag, one step at a time, whether it is the smallest accessory or the largest paper bag paper, the quality of each process is good or bad, whether the quality of the bag is exquisite.

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