Paper Bag Selection

Date:Aug 03, 2018

A gift bag is a packaged item, which is a bag used to hold and package a gift. The material of the gift bag is usually made of plastic, paper or cloth. A beautiful gift bag can better set off your own gifts.

Introduced today is our own expertise, paper packaging paper bags. The paper bag style is much simpler than the box. The material of the paper bag is also various.

White cardboard has a high stiffness, commonly used thickness of 150g-300g, paper bags printed with white cardboard, the color is also full.

Coated paper is characterized by high whiteness and high smoothness. The printed graphic has a three-dimensional effect. The commonly used thickness is 128-300g, which is less than white cardboard.

Kraft paper has high bursting resistance, good toughness and high strength. The commonly used thickness is 120-300g. Kraft paper is not suitable for printing ink.

The whiteboard paper is a cardboard that is white and smooth on the front side and has a gray bottom on the back. The commonly used thickness is 150-350g. The white paper is white and gray, and the price is a little cheaper than white cardboard.

Black cardboard is also a special paper, black on both sides. The paper is fine, firm and thick, and has good folding resistance. The commonly used thickness is 120-350g. Because the black cardboard is black inside and outside, it can't print color patterns. It is only suitable for bronzing, hot silver and other crafts. The bags made are very high-grade.

Gold and silver cardboard are relatively high-grade packaging, and the printed oil is also higher than white cardboard. The printed effect is more beautiful, the quality is better and the water is not absorbed.

Garment bags, food bags, shopping bags, wine bags, gift bags, etc. are used for different purposes. The size of the design, including the thickness of the paper bag, has many requirements.

The paper bag can also be divided into a variety of three-strand rope, flat rope, cotton rope, nylon rope, kraft paper paper rope and so on.

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