Paper Box Food Is More Attractive

Date:Nov 02, 2018

“When we buy food, what kind of attraction is it usually attracted to purchase?” Many people have neglected this problem. A few days ago, an authoritative survey agency reported on consumer surveys in seven countries in the European Union that when they buy food, paper-packaged products are more likely to be preferred by consumers.

The insiders of the box pointed out that the paper food packaging box is currently the green packaging of people. There are many advantages in energy saving and resource saving. As far as the international market is concerned, the era of food paper packaging has arrived.


At present, foreign paper food packaging boxes are widely used. Foreigners like to use paper as a packing box for various items. We like to watch American TV dramas and English dramas. You can find that in the supermarket market, breakfast shops are all It is a very simple kraft paper box.

The developed technology of foreign developed countries has the following new features: the development of single-layer materials to multi-layer materials; offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, screen printing and other printing methods coexisting and flexographic printing will The fastest growth; single sheet of paper to the development of web, single machine to online production; a variety of related new technologies, such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, constantly optimize the entire production system, make paper the production process of the quality packaging box is more simple and convenient.

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