Paper Gift Box Design Should Pay Attention To The Performance Of Color

Date:Sep 18, 2018

Color is the visual information symbol that is most sensitive to visual stimuli and the fastest response speed among human visual elements. The color design of the paper gift box packaging should match the attributes of the product. The color design of the paper gift box should enable consumers to associate the characteristics and performance of the product. It should be emphasized that no matter what color, it should be based on the content of the product as the basic starting point.

Yellow can reflect orange juice. If this practice is violated, it may mislead consumers, which is not conducive to the sale of goods. For example, if a black bottle is used to hold mineral water, it is difficult to connect consumers from the packaging of black holes to crystal clear mineral water. In color science, this color that reflects the attributes of goods is called the image color. The use of image color should follow the principle of proper and vivid image.


Generally, the red-toned paper gift box packaging is passionate, warm and unrestrained, and is mostly used for cosmetics and food; the blue tone is quiet, cool and calm, and can be used for swimwear, water sports equipment, cold drinks, summer vests, fans, refrigerators, etc. The use of blue for hardware machinery and electrical appliances can also give people a sense of freshness. In addition, hospital hygiene products can also be used in blue tones; purple is noble, elegant, mysterious, often used in high-end cosmetics, jewelry, gift gifts; yellow Pleasant, lively and affluent, used to package textiles, will make people feel warm. However, it should be pointed out that the use of image color is not an old-fashioned ban and a stick to the rules. If it can be adapted to local conditions and flexible and innovative, it may “rebound and bring out new ideas” and receive good results.

In the final analysis, paper gift box packaging should be able to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and express the emotional voice of consumers.

Only by using color to express and inducing the good feelings of consumers can they stimulate their desire to buy. In real life, due to the exquisite paper gift boxes, the purchase of goods is usually more than 45% of the budget, which shows that the exquisite paper gift box packaging design is very attractive.

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