Paper Packaging Sample Customized

Date:Aug 27, 2020

Some customers want to make boxes, and ask if they can get a customized sample first.  If the packaging box manufacturers charge a sample fee, some customers will ask that it is not free? 

The steps of proofing gift boxes are exactly the same as those for bulk goods. All the proofing for bulk goods needs to be done.

There are many processes involved in making boxes. Packaging box manufacturers must produce one set of molds and two sets of die-cutting molds for each batch of boxes produced;

Not only the face paper needs a beer gray board and a beer gray board, but also a v-groove; the face paper needs to be customized, glue and some special processes;

The gray board also needs to be formed and cornered; finally, the gray board must be wrapped with facial paper into a box.

Custom samples gift boxes subscription box for tester set essential oil packaging

Sample time is about 5-7 working days. For urgent order, we suggest make a pre-production sample box rather than make a sample box first. To save time and cost.

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