Paper Product Introduction Of Clothing Tag

Date:Dec 14, 2018

The clothing tag is a brand hanging on the clothing, including some clothing materials, washing precautions and other information. From the texture point of view, the production materials of the tag are mostly paper, plastic and metal. 

The papers that can be used in the custom-made clothing tag customization are generally special paper, black cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, double-adhesive paper, etc. There are many types, different thicknesses, and different paper processes. style. How should the tag design choose the right paper? Only by understanding the advantages of various papers can you better choose paper and highlight the uniqueness of the clothing tag.


Specialty paper:Art paper or special paper is a general term for paper, embossed paper, perfume paper, pearl paper, aluminum foil paper, sulfuric acid paper, touch paper, etc.

These kinds of papers are various but basically the above categories, and similar papers have different weight levels.

General use: fine box paper, book cover or even inside pages, tags, business cards, etc.

Black cardboard - durable, black color, because the black cardboard itself is black, its biggest drawback is that it can not print color, but can be used for bronzing, hot silver and other processes.

General use: carton, paper card, business card, tag.

Coated paper - fine white, smooth, lustrous, with moderate oil absorption, good printing color, divided into single copper and double copper. And more economical, is the most commonly used clothing tag production.

General use: books, handbags, advertising, business cards, fine box paper.

White cardboard - in addition to good smoothness, solid, more durable, and the color is very rich and full of commonly used grams: 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams.

General use: single-layer carton, paper card, handbag, business card, clothing tag

Kraft paper - high toughness firmness, not easy to tear, kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some color or color is not rich in the tag.

General use: handbag, clothing tag

Double-adhesive paper-white, the surface fiber is thicker than the coated paper, no glare, no front and back, easy to write

General use: notebooks, notes, envelopes and other writing prints.

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