Paper Shelf Production Process

Date:Jul 24, 2018


The design of the paper shelf (paper display stand) requires the designer to be familiar with the 3D structure work, and the weight and volume of the cargo should be considered to calculate the bearing capacity and space area of the paper shelf (paper display stand).


Paper shelves (paper display stands) are generally made of non-printed corrugated paper. According to the design structure data, input into the computer cutting machine, the cutting machine can make the standard flat paper shelf (paper display stand) on the non-printed corrugated paper according to the indentation strength and the half-knife depth required by the structural drawing, and the designer pastes with the glue and For other process processing, the template can be matched with the design structure to complete the next step.


According to the flat design draft of the paper shelf (paper display stand) template, the printing machine on the film is printed.

Post process

Printing color paper over-glued, crepe paper (printing paper + corrugated paper), oil, indentation.


Semi-finished paper shelves (paper display stands) are assembled, reinforced, and reloaded.

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