Paper Wine Gift Box

Date:Jul 12, 2018

Looking at the world of the face, even the products need to rely on the face value. In the past, people said that the wine is not afraid of the deep alley, and now it is a good thing to promote high-profile. Product packaging is not a face value, it is to fight personality, attracting consumers' eyes is the king. In this issue, I introduced the public version of the paper-made wine gift box packaging. There are many kinds of wine box packaging, wooden, leather, and paper.

1.The single red wine gift box (hard paper gray board gift box) red facial paper uses warm red highlight brushed with carbon black wood grain, red ribbon handle, the most special is the front and rear cover, the round hollow grape estate is very eye-catching The unique three-dimensional sense, more design skills, the internal use of black flocking blister, with a snap bottle to prevent shaking and falling.

2.Double wine gift box Because the hard board is made of 3mm MDF, this type of paper uses a special black high-strength brushed with red paulownia wood grain paper. Looking at the box is a feeling of being a long side, but my favorite is the hollowing out of the vineyard. It feels like a European-style building, but it is quite suitable for this wine. Different from the previous one, this is a double-tray, the interior is black flocking blister, with a snap-on bottle to prevent shaking and falling.

3.Red wine imitation leather gift box (Litchi pattern horizontal gift box).The box body adopts black + red two-color stitching, coffee color machine line, horizontal design, red wine needs positive and negative placement, the lower design elements are selected with polished engraving, the lines are exquisite, the metallic luster is full. The embossed texture of the lychee has obvious effect, and it is more lining the grade of the bottle. The inside of the box is made of coffee-colored flocking and blistering. It also has a bayonet on the mouth of the bottle to prevent shaking and crushing!


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