People Rely On Clothing, Products Need To Be Packaged!

Date:Sep 10, 2018

Product packaging is often more important than internal items. There are two key points in whether a company can succeed in sales:Depends on its own products;Depends on product packaging.

The packaging can play a very good role in the transportation process. Can hold and protect these goods for a long time.

In addition, what's more important is that modern packaging also has a new function, that is, it must sell the goods inside. The four factors that have a decisive role in sales are: self-selected sales, similar merchandise, advertising, and market research. And every factor will make packaging design a new force in sales.


Packaging must be convincing

The cost of sales is so expensive that many retailers find that they must shift to self-selected sales methods without delay. The current self-selected store not only operates food, but also operates hardware, clothing, cosmetics, cultural appliances, and all-encompassing consumer goods. The salesperson is gradually decreasing, and the work of selling goods to customers has been largely replaced by packaging. Packaging becomes a sales tool that connects manufacturers and consumers. After the products have been researched, promoted, and transported, they are placed on the shelves for sale. Finally. To move goods from the shelf to the consumer's blueprint, it depends on the ability to package.

Commodity similarity

The number of producers of goods has increased, making the products more similar, and customers have to buy them in many similar products. Deciding in the face of a wide range of hygienic soaps, food, cigarettes and cosmetics is a difficult task. Therefore, when the two competing commodities are very similar, the packaging must be able to distinguish from the other's merchandise due to the slight differences between the two. At the same time, packaging is often a different tool for creating differences.



The advent of new products, in order to make it a household name, must spend huge amounts of money for advertising. When a certain commodity is to be marketed, a chain must be formed between the factory and the public. The packaging is the last ring of the chain. Therefore, in order to achieve the best results, the focus of advertising must be placed on this last ring, so that the public can recognize your goods at a glance on the shelf. Make the packaging legible. The packaging design should reuse the language used in the ad. Make it correspond to the ads and sell your products

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