Personalized Printing Into People's Lives

Date:Sep 28, 2018

Personalized printing has become fashionable and has changed people's lives.

Not only calendars, desk calendars, but also birthday cards, T-shirts, cups, etc., as long as the products can be printed with personalized patterns are widely welcomed. Obviously, in this era of pursuit of personal charm, personalized printing has become an emerging industry with huge business opportunities.

Some people say: How big is the stage of special printing technology and consumables, and how much can be sung by personalized printing. It is no exaggeration to say: personalized printing has become an inevitable trend in the development of the global printing industry in the future.

The personalized printing market is developing very rapidly. With the authoritative data analysis in Europe, the personalized printing turnover in 2012 will reach 907 million euros. The application of personalized printing in foreign countries is also very extensive, including annual reports, product promotion flyers, direct mail advertisements, CI design manuals, badges, greeting cards, invitations, menus, table cards, transportation cards, passes, and anti-theft license plates. There are so many, even some of the packaging of some goods are also labeled with personalized labels.

Personalized printing can be compared with the quality of traditional print photos, and the production cycle is short and the cost is lower!

Since the birth of digital cameras, people's "spiritual food" - photos, sleeping in computers or electronic products, printing good photos into personalized prints, can achieve a photo, a story, a memory, let People can share happiness together and bloom colorful in life!

The custom-made calendars are mainly for family life photos, and many photographers make such a desk calendar as their year-end inventory at the end of the year. Some of the printed numbers are printed only one or two, and most require twenty or thirty copies to be sent to friends and relatives. The author believes that this kind of personalized printing can also be regarded as a kind of performance from the media era. Simply put: everyone is a "popular star" era, a personalized magazine made by himself, a star of the cover, a magazine The protagonists can be themselves or family members and friends.

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