Popular Gift Box Making Process

Date:Dec 05, 2018

Many people are curious about which process makes the box shape, whether it is a world box flip box or a drawer box made of one or more sheets of paper. What if you use a piece of paper to make a three-dimensional box? And it is still a stable box.

In fact, the world box flip box drawer box is called gift box, it is composed of two parts of paper and gray board. The face paper is generally a relatively thin material such as 128g or 157g, and the gray board is relatively hard and generally has a thickness ranging from 1200 to 1800g.

Most people here think that it is the stabilizing effect of the gray board. In fact, the facts are very surprising. Let's tell you the answer to the flow of the box below.


First of all, the first step of preparing the material is to print the pasta paper well, and the gray board beer is good.

The second step is the initial molding of the box, which is to fold the gray board of the beer into the v-groove and then stick the glue. Sticking glue is to use the adhesive tape special for the manufacturer of the box to fix the sides. The adhesiveness of the adhesive tape is not strong. Generally, the box will be opened with a little force;

The third step is to pack the box, and the packaging box manufacturer puts the good paper of the beer on the formed gray board. After this step, the box is very stable, and generally it will not be broken if it is not particularly hard.

Through this simple three steps, what should everyone make the gift box stable? The face paper of the box actually plays a fixed role, but how to fix it without gray board? Remind everyone that the paper and gray board of the box are very important. When choosing materials, you must not use poor materials to save money, which is not worth the candle.

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