Popular Gift Box Structures

Date:May 13, 2017

Popular Gift box Structures


Now in the handmade gift packaging box industry, there are several kinds of box styles be popular and widely used in China also overseas gift packaging market. Here let me introduce to you about this.


1. Lid and Base Box


For this style there are divide into three types:


A. The top lid not all covered the bottom base, usually cover one third or half of the bottom.

B. The top lid all covered the bottom base, and with a finger notch on two side of lid to open the box conveniently.

( Or if you don’t like the finger notch, it’s also ok, the top lid can be made into befitting size to suitable cover the bottom and sliding slowly when we open this box.)

C. Also can make a clear window to se through inside goods, usually on lid surface.


2. Drawer Box


This box have to kinds of puller:


A. Pull out with die-cut finger notch

B. Pull out with short ribbon

( Also can made into two layers, three layers, multilayer)

C. Also can make a clear window to see through inside goods, usually on lid surface.


3. Magnetic Flap Box


This box have three normal versions:


A. With a magnets built-in flap on closure side to close this box well.

B. Without magnets and flap but closure with ribbons( tie a knot).

C. Now the upgrade version is widely chose by our clients-the foldable/collapsible box, which can much save the shipping space and cost.

D. Also can make a clear window to se through inside goods, usually on lid surface.


4. Round Box

There are two versions for round box


A. Without rolled-edge/rolloff, the lid is slight bigger than bottom, made by hand ,low Minimum Order Quantity.

B. With rolled-edge/rolloff, the lid is same diameter with bottom, made by auto-machine, high MOQ.


5. Heart Box, Other Shapes Box


Except above box types, there are also others like the heart shape box, suitcase box, hexagon box, star shape box, etc. This kinds of box will be cost higher than above mentioned as the higher difficulty on handmade shape up craft.




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