Practicality Of Kraft Packaging

Date:Dec 25, 2018

The product "multi-functionality" is the consumer's expectation for the product, especially in today's information explosion, people's demand for products is multi-faceted, and product packaging is more and more people's attention.

From the packaging materials we can also see some clues, from iron, wood, glass, plastic, paper to today's environmentally friendly kraft packaging, with the changes of the times, packaging is not a single protection product, but also from To enhance the added value of the product.

In the past, the design of kraft paper packaging was more practical, but with the improvement of the technical level of kraft paper, the printing effect of kraft paper packaging is getting better and better, and the production of kraft paper packaging is more exquisite and compact. So how to improve the practicality of the box?

Package appearance:Relying on the geometry of the product itself and the size of the box, the concept of modern design pays more attention to the idea of beauty. Why do designers not limit the design of product packaging beyond their shape? Why can't it be designed according to consumer purchases and behaviors?

Multi-purpose packaging:The use of the package design can be multi-faceted, not only for its own products, but also for other packaging, such as the packaging of the handbag can be used for a long time, convenient for consumers, thus playing a role in promotion and promotion, and multi-purpose The design of the package is highlighted in practicality.


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