Printing And Packaging Gift Box Die Cutting Process

Date:May 08, 2019

The production of a beautiful packaging box is not just a simple automatic mechanical beer molding, but also includes the following processes: the selection of packaging materials, the strict production process of the boring and die-cutting die, and the packaging box. 

The treatment of the appearance of the printed matter and the final molding of the molded box.

First of all, the material of the package design packaging box is very important, it will directly lead to the durable molding in the back. This initial stage is mainly achieved by the customer, the template maker and the supplier. 

The customer can consult with the knife material supply company according to the customer's requirements, or directly contact the supplier with their own internal procurement personnel to complete the paper material selection.

Secondly, the samples of the semi-finished products are tested by the test. The molds for making the molds and the boring tools are pre-judgized according to the purpose of the samples and the semi-finished products printed. This can be consulted by professionals.

A good die determines the shape of each package. The crater is mainly used on the pit box. According to the customer's request, the pit paper can be bonded by special machinery.

Then there is the appearance processing section, which is mainly to beautify the surface, with film, bonding, UV, bronzing and so on. Then the debugging part of the beer machine die. The template can be die-cut with a special knife plate to form the basic style of the package.

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The final glue box is to bond the box according to the design style. Fix the fixing part of the box with glue and fix it to form an overall shape. Through the above process, the die-cutting process of a package is successfully completed.

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