Printing Paper Characteristics

Date:Jul 09, 2018

Printing paper features:

Coated paper: bright color, brighter printing color, suitable for ordinary albums; books; magazines; posters; folding; envelopes; desk calendars; red envelopes etc.

Matte paper: matte paper, printing is relatively high-grade, suitable for industrial albums, such as furniture; furniture; electrical appliances; wooden doors; hardware accessories etc.

Single side coated paper: bright surface, uniform coating, fast ink absorption and good printability, suitable for delicate color printing. For: color box; handbag; tag; book cover; greeting card etc.

Double-adhesive paper: A4 printing paper, which has uniform absorption of ink, good smoothness, tight opaque texture and strong water resistance. Used for: forms; notebooks; black and white books; letterheads etc.

Kraft paper: divided into white and yellow cowhide, the characteristics are tough, not bad, used for album cover, kraft paper, retro notebook etc.

Super-sensitive paper: the natural natural texture of the paper is increased, the three-dimensional beauty, the reflected light is reduced, the glare is not glare, the visual is soft and comfortable, the color is full and shiny, suitable for high-end albums; books; brochures; commemorative albums etc.


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