Printing Process Of Gift Box

Date:May 21, 2019

The printing of gift boxes, the general brush process is divided into prepress, printing, and postpress.

Before printing, first of all, we must design the packaging of the gift box. After conceiving it, look for the required materials, use the coredraw, photoshop on the computer, and set the size and bleeding of the gift box when you do it. 

Bleeding is to expand the image area to 3mm in the image before the design is made. The purpose is to ensure the image is complete and accurate when printing is cut, and the image area in the design original is expanded to the cutting area. 

In addition, to ensure that the printing does not reveal white edges after cutting, when registering marks, the registration color should be selected, that is, four colors of 100, the line thickness is less than or equal to 0.25pt.

In the printing, after the finished draft enters the plate making, the picture is scanned by the electronic color separation machine, the text and lines are taken with black and white cameras, and the texts, illustrations, etc. are imprinted according to the instructions on the finished manuscript, and then the printing is performed, and then the color proofing is printed. Proofreading, then laminating, UV.

Hot Sell Lid And Base Box For Products

After printing, gift packaging is generally more delicate, need to be bronzing and glued, hot stamping features: clear, beautiful, colorful, eye-catching, wear-resistant, weather-resistant. On the printed cigarettes, the application of bronzing technology accounts for more than 85%. 

In the flat design, hot stamping can play a finishing touch and highlight the design theme, especially for trademarks and registered names, the effect is more remarkable. In order to cut off some unnecessary things, it needs to be cut off with a die-cutting machine, and then glued, glued, molded, and some delicate decoration of the gift box makes the gift box more beautiful and refined.

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