Problems Before Customizing Notepad

Date:Jan 23, 2019

Under normal circumstances, the contents of the notebook before the customization mainly include: collecting information, inquiry, price, bargaining, evaluation, and sample.

Collect notepad customized information

Whether the envelope is made of leather, imitation leather, or cloth or even paper.

What form does LOGO (mark) use to express it? Hot stamping, stamping, and metal marking.

100 grams of internal paper can be used, 80 grams.

Notepad custom price

The price of the notebook mainly includes inquiry, price comparison and bargaining.

The price of each home is different, you can not be professional, but you have to know how to choose a professional notebook manufacturer, we know that there is no minimum, only a lower price.

Under normal circumstances, a company's notebook purchases are 1-2 times a year, most of which are sent to customers and employees, too rough and detrimental to the brand image. As long as it is based on its own purchase budget and quantity, Minglai Packaging will give you an optimal notebook purchase plan.

personalized daily planners A5 notebook manufacturers

Evaluation and sample

Comprehensive 2-3 comparisons, basically at the end you still chose MInglai, it also entered the sample phase, Minglai's notebook sample request is free.

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