Product Information Required For Custom Packaging

Date:Oct 25, 2018

Material: The paper most commonly used in the packaging of white paper, white cardboard, copper paper, kraft paper, gold cardboard, and more special collectively called special paper.The raw material specifications of each paper are different, and the thickness is also divided into various types. The price of special paper is relatively high, and the grade is relatively high, but the required quantity is also high.

Quantity: Quantity and price should be better understood. For example, if you do 500 and do 2000 waste materials, the labor is similar, and the boot is more than half an hour, but the price is spread to 500 peace. It is not the same as the price of 2000.

Specifications: Specifications refer to the length and width of the package we are going to do. Do not underestimate the size of the specification. It may involve material waste and price. The length, width and height should not be mixed, and the problem of typesetting is the same as the previous question.

Printing: Printing is a very important quotation. The difference between four-color printing and one-color printing is not only the color but also the machine, and the cost of full-page color and partial printing is also different. So the picture or design draft must be comprehensive.

Box type: box type We use the world box, ordinary box, flip box, drawer box, shaped box and so on. The box type is different, the method is different, the materials, the die, the process, etc. are different, and the cost will be different.

Process: printing common process bronzing, hot silver, bump, UV, embossing, etc. Different process prices are different, and the size of the process is also related to price.

Insert option: The internal support is optional. The choice of the inner support is paper, foam, EVA, plastic, etc. The EVA should be relatively high in several models. The choice of internal care is based on the product.

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