Production Process Of One-piece Folding Box

Date:Aug 20, 2018

Gift boxes are everywhere in our daily life. Such gift boxes are better for the products to look good after packaging, and if we go to give gifts, good packaging can also express our respect for people. Pay attention to the fact that the current gift box is also widely used in our lives, so what is the production process of the gift box? As a professional folding box manufacturer, I will give you a brief introduction to the production process of the gift box, so that you can have a better understanding of the gift box.

We need to design the gift box in the early stage. We need to design the gift box according to the shape characteristics of the product. At the same time, in the sample of the gift box, the color of the gift box of our folding box manufacturer is also very large, which can be selected by the user.


The packaging paper of the best packaging box is also different. Usually, hard cardboard is used as the decorative surface of the outer packaging of the gift box as a decorative surface, and then glued together to make a box of gift boxes.

The gift box needs to be printed, and there must be no black spots or color differences on the outer packaging, which will affect the aesthetics. At the same time, we have to decorate the surface of the gift box, and at the same time, the wrapping paper of the gift box has to be surface treated.

It is also important that the steps of beer and glutinous rice are indispensable. Beer is an important part of the printing process. It needs to be done with a knife mold, and then combined with the enamel process, so that it can produce a beautiful The gift box is out.


Through our introduction, have you got a better understanding of the production process of gift boxes, and at the same time, do you have a good understanding of folding box manufacturers? If you want to know more about the gift box, please contact us.

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