Reasons For Using Pantone Color Card When Printing

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Color matching system (PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM) is the color communication system covering printing, textile, plastic, graphics, color digital technology etc areas, it unified described the color in the manner of digital language, color has become an international standard language, to include printing enterprises and ink manufacturing industry provides quick and convenient color scheme and color standard. What are the benefits of pantone's job in soft pack?


Benefits of using the PANTONE color card:


1. Simple on color expression and delivery


The client in anywhere of the word, as long as you specify a PANTONE color number, we just need to check the corresponding PANTONE color card, can find the color sample  to make the product according to customer's request.


2.  Ensure the color phase of each printing is consistent

Whether it is printed in the same printing plant many times, or printed in the same spot in different printing works, it can be consistent and unbiased.

3.  Wide choice


More than 1000 kinds of spot color, can let stylist have enough of choice, in fact, the special color that stylist is used normally only make up a small part of PANTONE color card.

4. The printing plant no need color blending by themselves ,Eliminate the worry of color matching.

5. Color is pure, bright and solid

All the color sample, PANTONE color matching system by the United States, New Jersey, Carlstadt) PANTONE headquarters uniformly printed its own factories, it can guarantee issued all over the world the same PANTONE color.

PANTONE color matching system is an important tool in international trade. PANTONE special color formula guide, PANTONE standard color card coated paper/offset paper (Pantone formula coated/uncoated) is the core of PANTONE color matching system.