Red Wine Carton Customization

Date:Dec 05, 2018

In real life, consumers also hear the truth and know the importance of the quality of the wine in the year, but the wines of the old years are not necessarily the ones they can afford, so the wines that are similar in the year they can afford, they are not Knowing the identification, then whether the wine box is gorgeous or not, may become a very competitive competitiveness of these wines, so many wineries will choose to cooperate with the carton factory to customize the wine box for sales.

But what kind of wine box can be more competitive, this has always been a constant change in the industry. From the perspective of the carton, our common red wine box is customized to be a vertical rectangular carton with two ends inside. The bubble is fixed, it is not strange, but the so-called "everyone has equals everyone". If you follow the tide, the days will not come, so some manufacturers choose the shape when they order the wine box. 

The structure is also paper, but the paperboard is made into a picture in the text through the beer process. From the shape of the carton, it can give the consumer a visual feeling of red wine, and the visual intrusion is very powerful. It is able to focus on the line of sight and downplay the custom products of other cuboid wine boxes next to it, which is indeed one of the ways.


Another way is to get the freshness and craftsmanship from the color and craft. In fact, the crafts that can be used in the customization of the wine box are similar in the past. It is difficult for the wine box manufacturer to play any new tricks, but the choice of color. With the exquisite craftsmanship, it can rub new sparks.

Why do you want to make the red wine box order to attract consumers' attention, instead of directly becoming a single? The reason is very simple. Nothing can last for a long time through outer packaging. To achieve a long history of creation, only through the technology and quality of its own tough customs can we accomplish this heavy mission. The same is true for packaging. He is only For the product to get more consumer time, as long as one person stays for 5 seconds, the product brand has 5 seconds.

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