Red Wine Sticker Printing

Date:Oct 26, 2018

After people no longer only regard wine as a simple drink of warm belly, and more and more integrated into individual needs, the fashion and personalized wine label design will also appear, giving the wine a new value, the wine label The material is not limited to paper, but also the label of film, metal, or even cork and fabric materials.

At present, the most widely used wine label is self-adhesive material. Self-adhesive materials are industrially produced, the stability is relatively high, and the label-free feeling can be achieved, making the products stand out on the shelves; for the shaped labels, multi-layer labels, and the labels of the film, metal, cork and cloth materials Can be achieved labeling; product switching can be completed in 10 minutes, labeling speed is better than wet adhesive label; the most commonly used offset printing, wire mesh, hot stamping, hot silver, embossing, embossing and other processes can be Once completed, not only the production efficiency is improved, but also the quality is more stable. 

The glue and face material specially used for ice bucket application have better waterproof performance; the comprehensive cost of the self-adhesive label is also lower than that of the wet adhesive label. At present, self-adhesive labels account for 70% to 80% of the total domestic wine labels, and even more.

The printing process of red wine labels is enriched and refined with the improvement of printing technology and the application of self-adhesive materials. Some film wine labels also use holographic technology to enhance the three-dimensional sense and layering of the wine label; some wine labels use aroma inks to increase the fun of the wine label; previously the embossing effect on wet labels could not be achieved because the glue was dried The tension of the paper will flatten the convexity, and now the self-adhesive label can be realized; the self-adhesive material also enables the application of the coarse-grained paper, combined with the modern printing process, enhances the image of the wine label; advanced water-free printing process The application improves the environmental performance while also improving the printing speed and quality. 

All these kinds of products make the current wine label more reflect the temperament of the brand and better meet the needs of consumers.

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