Reusable Folding Box

Date:Jul 11, 2019

Almost all companies face these problems every day: Material prices rise; Transportation costs rise;Storage costs rise; Labor cost rises.

A one-piece folding box can not change the price of materials, but it can change the cost of transportation, storage and labor.

Because one-piece folding box has the following advantages compared to the traditional box:

First, do not account for storage, and expand the space volume of more than 80%;

Second, easy logistics, transport can save 80% of transportation costs;

Third, reuse, folding and expansion can be reused;

Fourth, packaging creativity, folding function, different visual experience, enhance brand image.

The call for environmental protection is getting louder and louder, and the packaging industry is also receiving much attention. 

There is an urgent need for a more environmentally friendly and better quality packaging method. Undoubtedly, a one-piece folding box is this new type of packaging.

Custom logo collapsible magnetic folding rigid paper foldable gift box

Because of this new packaging method, it is light, simple, and efficient, which makes the cost of using the product packaging box significantly lower.

One-piece folding boxes are used in clothing, leather goods, cosmetics, health products, gifts, jewelry, tea, alcohol, electronic products and other daily-use products. With so many advantages, the packaging box will become one of the most promising packaging methods.

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